My Favorite Earth Day Products

Happy Earth Day!

In the spirit of Earth Month, I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite Green products:

1. BioBags

I use BioBags every day and I can't say enough good things about this product! I live in an apartment and BioBags make composting so much less messy (I know the city gives you a little bin to compost with, but before discovering BioBags, I hated cleaning that thing/ preventing it from getting dirty so much that I would often toss things in the trash out of pure laziness - I know, shame on me). I especially find their pet waste bags helpful when cleaning out Puma's litter box.

2. Purity Brush

I recently discovered this toothbrush when I went to see the Lazy Environmentalist speak at Salesforce. These toothbrushes are a sustainable alternative to plastic since they're made with bamboo - a renewable resource that is also compostable! These toothbrushes are vegan, BPA free, and the bristles give you extra protection from germs since they are infused with the natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral binchotan charcoal.

3. ChicoBag

Anyone who knows me, knows that I carry around a reusable, folding ChicoBag with me pretty much everywhere I go. And I will randomly whip it out when I buy something - much to the surprise of whoever I'm with ("Where did that come from? Did you just pull that thing out of your pocket?! So cool!") I've had mine since high school, and it's still in pretty much the same condition as when I first got it (mine is over 8 years old). I'm very excited that one of my favorite products has now come out with a new version made entirely from recycled plastic bags!! How awesome is that?

4. Earth Friendly Products - Parsley Plus

I used to work at a health food store called Mother's Market when I was in college. We used this all surface cleaner exclusively throughout the store. The thing I love about it is that, unlike other eco friendly cleaners I've used, this one not only has a pleasant, clean scent - it is great for tackling things that are really oily, dirty, and caked on - we used to use this spray to clean the juicers after a whole day of juicing (Let me just tell you that it's not the easiest task to do). I haven't been able to find this spray anywhere else except my old work place in so I usually either order it on Amazon or I stock up like crazy whenever I go down to visit.

5. Dryer Balls

What are dryer sheets, really? They're single-use, polyester sheets filled with chemicals designed to make your clothes smell good and feel soft. If you know me personally, I'm very sensitive to chemicals and I get bad allergic reactions to lots of chemicals that can be found in cleaners, household products, and even toiletries, which is why I became interested in eco-friendly and green products in the first place, many years ago. These cute cacti help to aerate and fluff your laundry as it dries, preventing the need for dryer sheets. I use ones that are slightly different right now, they're made out of wool, but these ones are so cute I just had to post them!! You can find these on Amazon.

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