Muir Woods and Golden Gate Bridge

This weekend, I went to Muir Woods in Marin County. I remember going there once when I was in high school and wanted to explore the area. I went to the visitor's center, which was nice for seeing some huge redwoods, but I also went off a different trail where I saw three female deer (two adults and one baby). They were walking along the creek and got so close up!!!

I also saw an adorable chipmunk. I've never seen one before!!!!

Since I was in the area, I also went to the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog was setting in, but I was still able to get some nice shots.

There were some interesting flowers by the Golden Gate Bridge, I'm not sure what kind they are.

More shots of the bridge..

Thanks for checking out my latest adventure & stay tuned!! Next weekend, I am planning a 24 mile waterfall hike and I'm expecting to have some awesome pictures to share!! I'll also be at Wente Vineyards tasting room in Livermore for VAndreé Art's Artist Reception. VAndreé Art was selected as the 2017 Artist of the Year for Wente Winery. There will be Abstracts and Landscapes on display. I'm excited to enjoy a tasting while looking through the gallery. Hope to see you there!!! :)


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