Taking Pictures on the Plane

September 28, 2017

Wednesday was a busy day full of traveling. I had so much to do in order to prepare for the trip, but I'm so excited to be here now!! I flew out of Oakland, had a layover in Salt Lake City, and then finally landed at O'hare International Airport, a little earlier than expected. 


I had fun taking pictures on the plane 📷


Here is a shot when we were taking off from Oakland Airport - Do you see Lake Merritt? 



Our plane passed by the mountains as we arrived in Salt Lake City, where I transferred to Chicago.



It's interesting how, when we disconnect from our phones, we notice a lot more. Every time I looked out the window, there was something new to see. 



This shot was taken just as we were arriving in Chicago. The sun was starting to set. 


I took the CTA to the apartment which is a short 4 min walk from the train. 


After dropping off all my stuff at the apartment, I had some delicious pasta at Chato's Pasta House. It's a fairly new restaurant, but it had 5 stars so I thought I'd give it a try. I had the build your own pasta with cavatappi noodles with pesto and broccoli - it was so good!! I'm so full, and I still have plenty of leftovers.  🤗


The apartment I'm staying at has some pretty interesting decorations & art work.


Thanks for checking out my latest adventure! To be continued... 


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