Exploring Chicago

I wanted to try some famous Chicago Deep Dish PIzza, so I set out on the Pink Line towards Lou Malnati's in South Loop. On the way, I spotted the famous Chicago Sign... I'm hoping to catch a picture of this at night while I'm here!

I noticed that there were a lot of libraries in downtown Chicago. This building caught my eye

Luckily there was no wait when we got to the restaurant around 1pm, which was a short walk away from the Red Line. Soon after we were seated, the restaurant got really crowded!

I love minestrone soup so I decided to get the lunch special. This included a personal-sized deep dish pizza (which was so big I could not finish it!!) and a cup of soup.

The pizza was sooo filling!! I only finished half:

I love the tiny boxes they had

After lunch, I went to Buckingham Fountains. I wanted to take some long exposure shots, but it was pretty bright, so I decided to come back later when it got darker.

After viewing the fountains, I walked over to Millenium Park to see the famous bean. It was pretty hot out!!!

On the walk, I noticed a lot of unique things about the city. I loved the little bridges all over the downtown area.

There were lots of fountains - so plenty of opportunities to practice my long exposure shots - and get out of the hot sun!

I also spotted some nice, bright flowers.

It was so cool seeing the bean in person!! After the seeing an amazing sunset the first night, I figured it would be like that again the next night so I tried to take a timelapse video of the sun setting. Not only was the sun set super not as colorful, but some people ended up sitting in front of my video - Oh well!

I stayed at the bean for awhile, and then explored the rest of Millenium Park. I wasn't able to get a good shot of this fountain during the day because they were doing maintenance, but it was so nice to see it all light up when I came back.

This area really transformed at night too! The whole park was a different place at night.

That day, I also wanted to check out where Forefront would take place and walked to Navy Pier. On the way, I passed by the Nutella Cafe, which I had never seen before. Since I was walking around so much, I wanted to get some ice cream.

I got the nutella gelato which was delicious and tasted like a frozen Lindt Chocolate with the hazelnut center. It was super sweet.

It was pretty sunny on the walk to Navy Pier, so I enjoyed a drink when I got there.

The Navy Pier area seems pretty nice - there's an area with a ferris wheel, swings, & carousel.

After the sun set, I caught some cool long exposure shots at Buckingham Fountains. This is probably one of the first times I was able to get a decent night-time long exposure shot of a fountain. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out what worked, but here are two shots of the fountain and the city in the background. It was pretty cool - the fountain played music and changed colors. You could even see the fountain shooting up all the way from Navy Pier.

Before heading home, I wanted to grab something to eat so I got the Jose Caliente Veggie Dawg from Devil Dawgs (@devil.dawgs) which had spicy pico de gallo, devil sauce, and cucumbers. It was delicious!!

Thanks for checking out my latest adventure!!

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